November 9, 2012

Rhinedorf, Beverly Hills

(This seems like a throwback to the days of frustratingly grainy photographs at dark restaurants. Just lettin' ya know)

I haven't noticed many, if any, German restaurants around Sydney but lo behold, I find Rhinedorf in Beverly Hills squished in amongst some Chinese restaurants. So instantly my head is saying "you must visit because German food!" (sometimes I lean towards meatatarianism).

As we walk in, I see all the wooden tables with green/white table cloths and all sorts of German knick knacks adorning the walls; it feels quite homey! I sit down at our table and start to smell the food coming out of the kitchen... Mmm...
Heil apple cider 4.8% $5
Clearly I love cider and I quite liked this.
Pretzel $4
Pretzels are pretzels. What can you say?
Gebackener camembert $11
Deep fried camembert served with cranberry sauce and salad
So I love cheese and I love frying things so this seems like a perfect match in heaven. Also, the camembert was more solid than I thought it would be so yay I don't have to scrape it off the plate after I cut into it!
Russische eier $14.50
Russian eggs served with potato salad, mayonnaise, caviar & salami
Basically it's a cold hard boiled egg on top of potato salad. Hmm...
Schweinehaxen $24.50
Pork knuckle roasted with beer & herbs, served with sauerkraut, pan-fried potatoes, mustard and gravy
This comes out and my face contorts into this mix of giggle face/creepy smile. It's a large hunk of meat with crispy crackling on the outside, served with some of my most favorite things: sauerkraut and potatoes. Yum! Plus, I use the pretzel as a mop for the gravy.
Bratwurst $20.50
Chargrilled German style sausages with pan-fried potatoes, sauerkraut, mustard and gravy
Somehow I feel this is a little dry... Still, SAUERKRAUT AND POTATOES!
Black forest torte $8.50
Germany's specialty: rich chocolate sponge layered with sour cherries, fresh cream and kirsch brandy with ice cream
Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop! The great big greedy nincompoop. Yep, that's basically me... CAKE! I don't touch the cream because I don't like a huge mouthful of it but I love the hit of sour cherry with each piece of dense chocolate cake. Except I do have a pet peeve about my utensils being served under sugar...

485 King Georges Rd,
Beverly Hills
NSW 2209
* There is parking at the back of the restaurant
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