November 16, 2012 Media Launch

This is a promotional post.

Are you feeling hungry?
I think this is an unofficial tagline for, a new dining club in Sydney and the surrounding area.
Ambassador Mikey Robbins with the girls
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A few days ago I went to the media launch for lunchalot at Watts On Crown to learn a little more about it (and met some absolutely lovely people by the way; Liz, Will, Nicole, Kim, CEO Richard... Oh & MIKEY ROBBINS WAS THERE).

I don't know about you but I'm less likely to try a restaurant if I look in the front window and see it kind of empty. Lunchalot allows restaurants to fill up otherwise empty tables. More tables filled = more popular = more likely that I'll go in. Simple! Plus, when more of the nightly quota is filled, less food is thrown out and wasted.

So, some facts:

  • You pay a one-off joining fee then a monthly membership fee (starting from $5)
  • Each membership level gives you a different number of credits per month
  • 1 credit = 1 booking
  • The credits do not roll over
  • There are two offers: 50% off food OR 25% off food and drinks (the restaurant chooses which offer)
  • The free tables are up 1-6 hours before the booked time
  • There is no special limited menu to choose from; with lunchalot you still order from the full main menu!

CEO Richard Tenser telling us about lunchalot
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For me, dining on a uni budget isn't exactly the easiest thing (as you might know or have probably deduced). For a relatively small fee you could save a fair amount of money at different restaurants! Woop woop! I don't think I'm wrong when I say that a lot of us would eat out more if it were cheaper.

Also, not all of us decide like a week before that "hey lets go eat out!". Maybe we just decide that afternoon that we wanted to go eat but rarely can you actually get a reservation for the same night. Obviously with lunchalot you can make reservations for the same night. As soon as you make a reservation you get instant confirmation by SMS and the restaurant itself gets a confirmation that you've booked.
Mikey Robbins talking to us about why he uses
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Lastly, have you ever printed a coupon for a restaurant and taken in out when paying for the bill and have other people look at you like "hmmm...". With this you can lose that feeling of "coupon shame", you don't have to say to the waiter "hi um... have you put the discount on my bill? I have a coupon..."; the discount is automatically added on to the end of your bill.

The website is super easy to navigate so you can search by post code and organize the restaurants by distance, price range, suburb or cuisine type. So whatcha waiting for? Check it out!

Oh and by the by, you should also totally visit Watts On Crown, the food is delicious! I know I'll be coming back there!

Thank you to the lovely people at for the invitation!


  1. Ohh we wanted to come along to this lunch too but couldn't due to full time work - the idea sounds pretty interesting! Also heard great things about Watts on Crown, sounds like we need to try it out.

    1. You guys should definitely try out Watts! The food is really good!