November 16, 2012

Rekorderlig + Sparkle Cupcakes Media Launch

This is a promotional post.

Rekorderlig cider has partnered with Sparkle Cupcakes to create a yummy cupcake based on the flavors of its Premium Mango & Raspberry cider and I was invited to the launch in Sparkle Cupcakes (Surry Hills).

Important business first of all: the cupcake will be available from 14th November to 31st November in the Sparkle Cupcakery which can be found at: 132A Foveaux St, Surry Hills.
Rekorderlig + Sparkle Cupcakes collaboration
Photography: Exposure PR
My closest friends will know that I absolutely LOVE cider and have quite the sweet tooth sometimes so this launch makes me extremely happy! Also I met some lovely girls including Spoonfuls Of Goodness.
Pink cider by the half pint! Wooo! I think Mango & Raspberry has become one of my most favorite flavors or Rekorderlig. I like this drink! Another! (Read in Chris Hemsworth's Thor voice).
And now, for the cuppy cakes.
Rekorderlig Mango & Raspberry cupcake!
CUPCAKETH! I love small cupcakes, I really do. The cake itself isn't dry which is super good and has some berries in it which is complimentary to the buttercream frosting mmm..... Except I'll tell you one thing, when you eat this, peel the sides of the cupcake wrapper from the sides of the cake, then split (somehow) the cake in half horizontally. Flip it over and smoosh it down onto the bottom layer, kinda like a sandwich. That way you'll get a nice proportion of cake to frosting!

Thank you to the lovely people at Rekorderlig for the invitation!

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