November 8, 2012

Arisun, Haymarket

First of all, I'd love to thank grabyourfork & chocolatesuze for recommending Arisun towards the end of Dixon St in Chinatown.

The HSC was over so obviously I thought of a small celebratory meal: fried chicken. Yeah, clearly I love fried things (I'm trying to figure out how to deep-dry mayonnaise without Richard Blais-ing it). So without further ado...
Original fried chicken $30

Let me us take a moment to run around like small children jacked on sugar but yelling "FFFFRRRRRRIIEEEEEEEED CHICCCCCCCCKKKUNNNN".

We thought we were a little lost but then my food hawk eye (insert The Avengers joke here) noticed a small green Arisun sign in the distance. At Arisun there's original, soy, sweet & spicy, wasabi and hot & spicy with cheese (all $30 each). The portion sizes are quite huge so maybe 3 girls could finish a bowl, depending on how hungry you are.

I think it's obvious that I really like this chicken and you can count on me coming back for more crispy, crispy, crispy, delicious chicken!

1 Dixon St,
Haymarket, NSW
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  1. ZOMGOSH FRIED CHICKENNNNNNN!! and I love the way your expressed ur love through those words. amen haha

    1. If fried chicken was a religion... Haha thank you very much!

  2. Everytime I ate Arisun's fried chicken, it felt like I can cry in satisfying tears...FRIED CHICKEN ARE TOTALLY AWESOMEEEEE!!!!