January 26, 2011

Mado Cafe, Auburn

Haci Bekir is the oldest makers of Turkish Delight in the WORLD! They started in 1777 and it's the only shop in Istanbul to have been operating from the same place for over 200 years. Hows that for old?

Kesme Maras $6.50
The only ice-cream to be eaten with a knife and fork. If this 8x10x7 cm block of ice cream doesn't even make a dent in you're hunger, you've probably been Man vs. Wild-ing it in the desert. This Turkish ice-cream doesn't melt at a rate as fast as "normal" ice-cream but who cares, that just means that you don't have to wolf it all in under 5 minutes.
Mado Classic $12
Baklava, Kesme Maras
Rice Pudding $5.50
Kazandibi $5.50
Baked rice pudding with more rice pudding inside and charred on the outside.
What do you call milk with the processed tuber roots of orchids? Salep.
Apple Tea $3.50
Çay $2
This here is çay, which is Turkish tea which is actually black tea.

63 Auburn Rd
Auburn NSW 2144
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