January 4, 2011

Getting Fat At The Central Coast

The title sums up the point methinks *waddle waddle*

Turkish delight ice cream with N.E.R.D.S.

Now for the ultimate, the shop of every childs and (ok no, most) adults dreams... The Lolly Barn.
A whole shop, full of candy from toffees to sugar mice to Reese's peanut butter cups to Dr. Pepper!
Trip 1: (clockwise from top left) PINEAPPLE fanta, flying saucers, sugar mouse, strawberry sour candies, Wonka toffee apple, sour watermelon, cream soda and grape fizzer, large sugar fried egg, strawberry yogurt stick. I think this cost me $7.80?
Sugar mouse, flying saucers, candy eggs, candy ears. Just the candies in that bag made me hyper a like a little kid for maybe 3 hours! 2 of which I spent at the beach... In the water... With very tall waves...

The Lolly Barn
Shop 2/38 The Entrance Road
The Entrance, NSW 2261

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