November 30, 2010

168 Macarons

1.950kg pure icing sugar + 780g almond meal + 18 egg whites + 360g caster sugar + 6 drops pink food coloring + 510g unsalted butter = 168 macarons. Recipe: here.

These little treats were made for a birthday, and they were my pièce de résistance. Other things were made; such as waffles and profiteroles. This was all made in the space of a weekend! I'm now zombified because of these...
Thank you boxes: butter cupcake with butter cream icing and sugar butterflies.


  1. Hey these macarons look really good! Even shell and even feet, man I've failed macarons 9 times out of 10 :( Gonna try tackle them again after the HSC!

    1. Thanks Tina! Still not as even and smooth as I'd like haha. Good luck! Practice makes perfect!