January 26, 2011

Experimental Courses?

That's right. I've got a chef's jacket for this. Boom.

It lulls you into a false sense of the-food-will-be-awesome-because-she-wears-a-chef's-jacket. It even has larger pearly buttons. Every dish was made and tested at least 3 times yet this is a classic example of it looked better in my head. So I'll jump straight into it.
The culmination of 1 week's preparation, and this is just the dry ingredients. All the herbs, meat, set dishes and everything else "perishable" is in the fridge or already on the wall. Yes, wall. Professional cooking is a deadly profession. It's so tiring!!!

It doesn't look pretty, but hey, at least it holds and doesn't drip. Plum flavored Lickable Wallpaper. You'll recognize lickable wallpaper if you've ever read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I was so excited to learn that Heston Blumenthal had published a recipe for Lickable Wallpeper, but then, it was only for sausage flavor. I could youtube how he made the other flavors, but I don't own a centrifuge. This is the part where I curse centrifuges for costing so much. And PacoJets. And ThermoMixers.
I'd say that this entrée requires a certain palate. There's four layers to the Mushroom Consommé; the first (bottom) being mushroom consommé which has been set with agar for that hard Asian jelly texture. The second layer is a pureé of button mushrooms and king oyster mushrooms also set with agar. The third was a very thin layer of clear agar to keep the Enoki's in place, which have already been steamed. The fourth and final one was the same mushroom consommé and the bottom but not set.

The first main; Chilled Chicken and Pâté de Poulet. This is more symbolism than shocking. Boiled desiree potatoes were rocks, blanched asparagus heads were the vegetation, fried wonton leaves were leaves, sliced chicken was paving stones, pâté was cement, blitzed olives were dirt and chips with filling were the carrots.
The second main was Pork Fillet with Apple Vermicelli and is nothing gastronomically amazing. On the side is marinated pork fillet on a smear of basil purée with a sprinkling of sweet puffed rice, puffed Asian vermicelli and a few sprigs of rice paddy herb.
Dessert was Tudoresque Bangers and Mash. This is credited to Heston Blumenthal. On the side is mash which is actually a purée of banana and apples. Because I left it awhile to boil, it started to become brown/redder so it's not the white potato mash it's supposed to be. The sausage is actually a fried and caramelized rice pudding with a bit of 'gravy' which is just maple syrup.

I hope this rant was entertaining interesting? Even to the slightest bit? Ok then. Haha.


  1. :) I'm so late to the Heston's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory craze, just started watching his series on YouTube 2 weeks ago! Wow your dishes look great :)

    1. It's never too late! Heston's creations are quite amazing, I think I've seen almost every ep of his shows at least twice... Thanks Tina!