February 25, 2011

Charlie & Co., Sydney

There’s two options of how you want to be served; In or Out. In being, you sat inside and had table service. But honestly, who needs table service for a burger? Although gourmet, having a waiter is taking it a bit too far. Out meant that you just sat in the food court seats and get the food yourself. Another thing was that if you wanted to eat In, your burger cost $2 more.

Wagyu & Co. Burger $16
Wagyu burger with beetroot relish, pickled gherkin, aged chedder and aioli on a sesame bun
Hand-Crafted Chili Crab Burger $14, Onion Rings $7
Thai infused crab with cucumber, bok choy, Asian dressing, sweet chili jam and lime mayonnaise
At first, I didn’t really understand how you could infuse a crab with thai but then it hit me; spices. Another thing hit me too. What is the point of an artisan burger? I want my burger cheap (and animal-style).

Charlie & Co.
Level 5, Westfield Sydney
Cnr Pitt St Mall & Market St
Sydney NSW 2000
Charlie & Co.
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