February 20, 2011

Madang Korean BBQ, Sydney

At first, Madang Sydney looks dodgy because it’s in a sort of alleyway off Pitt St, but I assure you that it’s not shady at all!

마당 보쌈 (Bo Ssam) L$36
Specially boiled pork with fresh vegetables with spicy oyster kimchi
제육볶음 정식 (Jeyuk Bokkum Jungsik) $14
Stir-fried pork
김치돼지 샤브샤브 (Kimchi Dweji Shabu Shabu) $45
Madang Sydney Korean BBQ
371A Pitt St (In a laneway near Liverpool St) ,
Sydney NSW 2000
Sydney Madang on Urbanspoon

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