November 16, 2012

Shanghai Chef Kitchen, Parramatta

Food is delicious after a few hour of browsing in Dymocks; so off to visit a new restaurant on Church St! The restaurant is sort of sparsely decorated but a small vase of fake flowers on each table adds some life (ironically). My table had pretty good service too! Shanghai Chef Kitchen is right next to Taste Gallery.
Shanghai steamed mini pork bun $5.80

This is basically xiao long bao and for me, was one of the better ones I've had although I still think the casing is a hair too thick... The filling is good but the broth isn't steaming hot.
Pork with taro in hotpot $15.80
The cut is pork belly so it's a combination of soft fat and meat and the sauce has a sort of sludgy consistency that you'd expect from adding taro into it. The taro flavor is sort of muted though. It smells of 5 spice but has sweet overtones (oh my, I sound so pretentious...).
Chive and pork dumplings $8.80
I'm sort of eh about these dumplings. For me, the outsides could have been a little less dry but the pork and chive filling has flavor. Again, I feel that the casings were a little thick.
Crispy radish pastry $8.80
Thin strings of radish enveloped in a flaky pastry. The pastry is okay although I don't really like radishes served this way...

Shanghai Chef Kitchen
131 Church St,
NSW 2150
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