March 20, 2012

(Sort Of) International Macaron Day

Yes I'm well aware that Zumboron Day (aka Macaron Day Sydney) is in November, but when international cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, New York are celebrating on March 20, we can all fit in that extra macaron in our stomachs!

Cafe Cre Asion: Lavender & Blueberry, Tonka Bean $2.70 ea
Lindt: Passionfruit, Blackberry $3 ea
Guylian: Mocha, Jaffa Cake  $2.80 ea
I can't resist making an Oliver Twist reference,
Please sir, I want some more... macarons.

91 George St
The Rocks,
Sydney NSW
Guylian Chocolate Cafe

53 Martin Place
Sydney NSW
Lindt Chocolate Cafe
(Also other locations)

Cafe Cre Asion
21 Alberta St
Sydney NSW
Cre Asion Macaron

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