April 13, 2012

Inspired Dinner Part 3 (Steak & Fries)

The main done to my style. I remember as a kid, getting a (relatively) huge plate with a hunk of meat, mushroom gravy, fries and mash so I decided to change it up a bit for this.

Instead of a typical steak, I pick up some eye fillet at the butchers and I cook it the way I love it: caramelized, dark surface and medium inside. Whack the fillet into a hot pan with some herb butter and keep an eye on it.

Next to it is a wallop of simple butter mash on a square of red wine gel. I saw Grant Achatz's use of gels in his Alinea cookbook and so I thought to myself, "what the hey, let's use some red and see if it works".

Then it's a sauce made up of red wine, cream, mushrooms, a lot of herb butter and a chopped tomato to cut through the butter.


I'm so irrationally proud of myself for making these. So this is based on Heston Blumenthal's 'Triple Cooked Chips' but I obviously don't own a water bath or temprature probe for a makeshift water bath. So heck yah! I finally managed to make cripsy chips with soft insides. *happy dance*

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