July 23, 2011

Asian Garden Mall, Westminster, California

Down in Westminster, California lives the Asian Garden Mall (also known as Phuoc Loc Tho), one of the largest Vietnamese malls in the states. It has quite alot of shops filled with some clothes, novel things and gold/diamond shops. And although the 'food court' is only occupies a small stretch of space, it is a goldmine of Vietnamese foods you'd be hard pressed to find in a single place in say, Cabramatta.

Basil Seed Drink with Grass Jelly
Avocado Shake
Iced Coffee
Periwinkle Snails
More periwinkle snails
Some more periwinkle snails
Periwinkle Snails x4
BBQ Skewers
Quail Eggs
Asian Ham with Periwinkle Snails
Various foodstuffs
Duck Eggs
More food
Deep-Fried Crab and Squid
Pork Sausages
Eating periwinkle snails

Asian Garden Mall
9200 Bolsa Ave,
Westminster CA
92683 USA
Asian Garden Mall

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