August 13, 2011

1640 Bistro, Vieux-Québec, Québec

Vieux-Québec, also known as Old Québec City, is the place to go if you can't get to Paris. There's a sort of old-world charm floating around this walled city and a great place to people-watch and soak in the atmosphere is the 1640 Bistro.

Wine shot! Inside the bistro it's cosy and lowish ceilinged. My table consisted of two fluent French, a mostly-forgotten French (moi) and a non-French speaker, so I'd say we were taken care of just a slight bit better than others by the waiters. When in Vieux-Québec, throw in as much French as you can. Just don't make a spectacle of yourself!
La Fin du Monde beer
La fin du monde; meaning the "end of the world", jolly name innit? I'm told by the waiter that La Fin is a triple-fermented Belgian ale that's won numerous awards. Well, it smells of cloves and has a spicy, floral note somewhere there. Definately something to savor in Québec.
Potage du moment $5CAD
Soup of the day
Pôélée de pétoncles et de crevettes $24CAD
Scallops & shrimp panfry, red curry & coconut milk sauce, pilaf, vegetables
Cuisse de canard confite $22CAD
Duck leg confit, orange & pepper sauce, baby greens, herb butter sauce
Entrecôte de boeuf de l’ouest AAA 10 oz $29CAD
10oz Albertan AAA beef sirloin steak, gratin dauphinois
Homard des maritimes grillé $30CAD
Grilled lobster, pilaf, vegetables
Gâteau au fromage et son coulis de framboises $7.50CAD
French cheesecake with raspberry coulis

1640... Come, order a dessert and tea, coffee or Fin du Monde, sit outside and people-watch. You could find better mains I think in other parts of Vieux-Québec.

1640 Bistro
20 Rue Ste-Anne,
Vieux-Québec, QC
G1R 3X2 Canada
L'Auberge du Trésor

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