January 10, 2013

Food During The Holidays

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything sooner to the New Year but I've needed to get everything in order before starting 2013 and this year I'll try to juggle everything a lot better okay guys? Thank you for bearing with me!

To start off, just a quick picture post of some things I ate and made during my recent holiday to the coast.

Christmas lunch:
Sliced cucumbers and ham.
Salad, roast lamb.
Ciders, sangria, wines.
Pork sausages, chicken sausages.
Chicken skewers.
Crisp golden Vietnamese baguettes.
Salt and pepper prawns with garlic, spring onions and butter.
A block of yummy Lescure butter.
Salt and pepper prawns with garlic, spring onions, butter and chili.
Mushroom and onion gravy.
Sliced roast lamb, sliced pickled onions, salt and pepper.
New Year's Snacks
Tempura prawns (panko).
Tempura prawns (battered and crumbed).
Random Foods
Simple gravy.
Stir fried beef with garlic and soy sauce.
Home-made creamy, buttery potato mash.
Beef, mash, gravy, salad.
Loaded mushroom gravy.
Portobello mushrooms, mushroom gravy, mash, beef tenderloin.
Egg noodles, roast chicken, prawn crackers
Vanilla ice cream with black coffee.
Stewed pork, tofu and eggs.
Jucy Lucy burger.
Bubblegum straps, rosey apple, blueberry yogurt sticks, strawberry yogurt candy, Scottish clotted cream fudge, milko, milk candy, fizzers, mooo's, strawberry licorice choo-choo bar.

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