December 8, 2012

Hurricane's Grill, Top Ryde

Yep. That's me in a bib. No giant knife like chocsuze, but with a bib nonetheless. Eating ribs can be a very messy business, but it's a tasty business. Make reservations first unless you want to wait for a table...
Boerewores $18
Traditional South African beef sausage, mildly spiced and serves with mashed potato and Spanish sauce
 It really is a long winding sausage... Creamy mash. The sausage by itself is a little chunky in a good way and not too fatty. When I add the Spanish sauce, my food brain goes "DING DING DING TACOS". The sauce sort of reminds me of salsa.
Full rack of pork ribs $42.90 with Monkey gland Sauce $2.50
Monkey gland: typically South African, sweet and savory BBQ sauce
Basted ribs that are grilled under tender...You can see the char on the edge-most ribs and personally, I like a little char so I decide to take that one. The pork is falling off the ribs and delicious when dipped in Monkey Gland. It really is something to try at least once in your life if you can eat meat. Don't try to tackle a full rack unless you're SURE you can finish it. Obviously, I love sticky sweet tender ribs...And you can get them with chips or a boiled potato!

Hurricane's Grill, Top Ryde
Shop R3006, Ground Floor
Top Ryde City
Cnr Blaxland Rd, Devlin St
Ryde NSW 2112
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  1. hehehe i always wear a bib too im the messiest person alive! havent had hurricanes in ages mmm totally want ribs right now!

    1. Haha glad to know I'm not the only messy eater! I have that feeling right now...