August 27, 2010

(Recipe) Making Macarons

Just a short post to start off with! So here's a  visual of when I had a go at making macaron shells. (Step by Step)
- 60g caster sugar
- 230g icing sugar
- 135g almond meal
- 1 fresh egg white
- 2 old egg whites (egg whites that've been left in the fridge for at least 1 day)
Preheat the oven to 120°C. Measure out the ingredients. Be extremely careful!

Sifting ingredients thrice! Just to make it incredibly fine.

Breaking the eggs and adding the fresh egg whites to the old ones. Careful not to split the yolks.
Whisking the hell outta them egg whites. This could be like some kind of kitchen exercise haha! No but seriously, your shoulders & arms WILL hurt afterwards....
After 4minutes 30seconds (yes, exact timing is the key to this) it forms stiff peaks. Now to add the coloring & almond meal/icing sugar mixture.
This here's batch ONE. Added some red coloring to make it pink! Reminds me of primary school... Red + White = Pink So folding in the almond meal, gotta be careful and gentle with it, so it might take a while. Doodoodoobadoodoo...
Batch TWO. Added blue and red to make a pale purple. Yes, it doesn't look that enticing... But who cares!? It looks pretty later on I assure you. Same method. Make sure its even and shiny! No lumpy grainy bits!
Spoon the mixture into a large piping bag. Don't stuff it in, let it fall into place by itself. 
Pipe out the mixture into little circles about 5cm apart so it has space. Just pipe the middle and it'll expand out by itself to make perfect little circles. Let them sit for 25 minutes give or take, so that it forms a shiny skin.
Put 'em in the oven and just wait for them to rise. Mmmmm...
Ta-da! It should be even and have a foot. Let 'em cool completely before you pry them off the baking paper! Otherwise it might fall apart.
 Now, for the actual macarons, all that's left is the filling! A lemon buttercream icing is good. Just pipe it prettily into the center of the shell then attach the two halves and they should spread the icing out. And voila! Macarons!

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