May 3, 2012

(Recipe) Making Cheese Curds At Home

I decided to try to make some cheese curds by myself at home. So after 'careful research' I use this recipe, which I'll put here (with the measurements I used).

You'll need:
1L 2% milk
 cup of vinegar
1tsp salt

1. Heat your milk to about 88°C, then take it off the boil.
2. Add vinegar and allow to cool. If it seems like it's not setting, whack in a little more vinegar like I did. (It probably messes up the cheese-making chemistry but eh)
3. When cool, pour into a cheesecloth lined colander to drain off the whey. Make sure to squeeze out as much whey as you can.
4. Pour out the curds, sprinkle in salt and mix well.

You can make all sorts of shapes with your curd! I squeezed mine into a ball!

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